HealthyWage Review – Salvage Paid to Lose Weight

Oftentimes, cutting again weight requires every bodily and financial effort. On the one hand, or no longer it is crucial to open an thunder regimen and develop the anguish to be more exciting. On the plenty of, fitness connected charges fancy a health membership membership, sports clothing, and meal planning services can rack up swiftly.

Though it’s that it is possible you’ll well trust to drop a pair of kilos on a budget, for essentially the most fragment, taking on a weight reduction operate requires some investment. Pondering the differ of successfully being outcomes of being overweight, that is money successfully spent. Nonetheless, if money’s tight, procuring a brand original pair of running shoes or paying for fitness coaching might maybe well well even be the very final thing for your tips.

Fortunately, it’s now that it is possible you’ll well trust to flip your weight reduction operate right into a windfall of cash as soon as you’re difficult to bet for your self. With HealthyWage, you take cash prizes for reaching your non-public weight reduction target, and there’s up to $10,000 on the road for excessive gamers.

Have to it is possible you’ll well seize to drop a pair of kilos and aren’t vexed of making a bet for your self to succeed, HealthyWage is mainly the most bright platform to kick-open your original weight reduction operate.

What Is HealthyWage?

Most apps that pay you for exercising are free and develop money by amassing individual data for market compare and promoting fitness-connected merchandise. In distinction, HealthyWage uses financial incentives to lend a hand of us reach their weight reduction target and to generate earnings within the approach.

According to HealthyWage, financial incentives develop bigger the chance that you just drop a pair of kilos. Here is basically because the detrimental final result of shedding money for no longer reaching your operate provides motivation to consistently thunder and delight in more healthy.

A 2008 peek within the Journal of the American Medical Association also helps the use of business incentives for weight reduction. Though compare on this device isn’t unanimous, it’s clear that striking money on the road can provide the enhance of motivation that’s wished for consistent weight reduction for some participants.

How Does HealthyWage Work?

Have to you’re eager on making money by cutting again weight with HealthyWage, there are five steps to use:

Step 1: Use The HealthyWage Prize Calculator

HealthyWage pays participants within the event that they reach their weight reduction operate on time. Your HealthyWage bet desires to be no no longer up to $100. Moreover, or no longer it is a must to operate to lose no no longer up to 10% of your body weight to raise half. At final, six months is the minimum bet time body.

Nonetheless, there are several factors that affect how great you get, including:

  • Your weight, high, and gender
  • Your weight reduction operate
  • The time body for your operate
  • What amount of cash you bet for your self

The HealthyWage calculator helps you to calculate your prize in step with what number of kilos you wish to lose, your time body, and your monthly bet. Afterwards, you enter your gender, present weight, and high to calculate your trusty prize doable.

Examples of present HealthyWage calculations can allow you to gauge your earning doable:

  • Instance 1: A 150-pound, 5’4” female who loses 20 kilos in six months making a bet $50 monthly can take $353.76, for $53.76 in profit.
  • Instance 2: A 230-pound, 6’0” male who loses 30 kilos in seven months making a bet $100 monthly can take $813.81, for $113.81 in profit.
  • Instance 3: A 240-pound, 5’7 female who loses 65 kilos in 10 months making a bet $200 monthly can take $3,560, for $1,560 in profit.

In total, aggressive weight reduction goals result in a better payout. In plenty of phrases, shedding more weight and making a bet extra cash pays you more as soon as you’re a success.

According to HealthyWage, the sensible winner loses 40.7 kilos and will get paid $1,245 for their efforts. Have to you’re sad alongside with your prize amount, it is possible you’ll well adjust your target or bet for a more lucrative reward.

Step 2: Living Your Bet

HealthyWage helps you to pay your weight reduction bet upfront or in monthly payments. Reckoning on how great you wager, the upfront fee might maybe well be thousands of bucks, so it’s crucial to defend in tips your alternatives. HealthyWage accepts debit and credit rating card payments.

Have to you don’t meet your weight reduction operate, you lose your total bet. You would remove more time as soon as you’re running out of time to reach your operate. This operate provides six months and six more fee installments to your instruct.

You would also adjust your HealthyWage phrases within 30 days after starting a instruct. This includes changing your weight reduction operate, bet amount, or time body. You would’t develop adjustments after this length, and HealthyWage doesn’t provide refunds on bets.

HealthyWage most efficient provides a refund as soon as you change into pregnant or provide medical documentation within 14 days of a prognosis that states that you just shouldn’t raise half within the instruct which technique of a medical condition or are bodily unable to.

Step 3: Check Starting Weight

Though you would suppose cheating is rampant for an online weight reduction competition, HealthyWage has a system to defend participants factual. Moreover, it is possible you’ll well compare your weight and enter a HealthyWage competition factual from dwelling.

You non-public two alternatives to compare your starting weight:

  1. Cellular App. Salvage the HealthyWage app for Android or iOS after inserting your bet. The app has on-show conceal instructions that show conceal suggestions to raise a weigh-in video.
  2. Handbook Video. You would develop your like weigh-in video that follows HealthyWage’s necessities and add it to your account.

Both alternatives require a scale and submitting your video to HealthyWage so an employee can compare your weigh-in is incandescent. Your scale desires to be digital or an incandescent scale. HealthyWage states that your video is most efficient considered by HealthyWage workers and is by no device shared publicly.

You non-public three weeks from starting your instruct to compare your weight. Showcase that your weight reduction instruct clock begins as soon as you happen to compare your weight, no longer as soon as you happen to place your bet.

Step 4: Check Weight Loss

Your weight reduction instruct might maybe well well span months or better than a 300 and sixty five days attempting to receive your goals and preferences. Your success within the demolish is reckoning on whether you lose your target weight by the discontinue of your instruct.

HealthyWage uses the identical weight verification direction of as your weigh-in video as soon as you reach your operate. You would put up a weigh-out video within two weeks of the discontinue of the instruct, which is precious as soon as you reach your weight target sooner than agenda.

Have to you reach your operate sooner than the 2-week impress, or no longer it is crucial to defend your weight till the discontinue of your instruct to take. Therefore, atmosphere sensible expectations and an inexpensive time body for your instruct is crucial.

Step 5: Salvage Paid

Once HealthyWage verifies your weigh-out video, you receives a commission thru test or PayPal. You procure your preliminary bet amount plus extra cash, thereby recouping your weight reduction investment plus a profit for your efforts.

You would also refer plenty of participants to HealthyWage to develop your earnings. You get an additional $40 for ending your weight reduction operate for every original member you consult with HealthyWage. Showcase that your referrals must enter a weight reduction instruct themselves to get a $40 bonus.

HealthyWage doesn’t defend any winnings for taxes. The IRS requires reporting prize and contest earnings of $600 or more, so defend this in tips as soon as you’re submitting your like taxes. If your winnings are $600 or more minus your preliminary bet, HealthyWage sends you a 1099-MISC come by approach tax season.

Key Capabilities

Adopting a more match each day life is a broad possibility at any age and weight, even without financial incentive. HealthyWage most efficient sweetens the deal by paying you, and there are several key factors that develop this platform more sturdy than a easy making a bet platform:

Diversified Methods to Possess

Particular individual challenges are HealthyWage’s most stylish. Nonetheless, there are extra game kinds and team challenges, so there’s if truth be told an possibility for every participant.

Diversified HealthyWage challenges consist of:

  • Step Challenges. Compete with a team to reach 1 million steps in 100 days or 300,000 steps in 30 days searching on the step instruct game you enter. Winning teams split a prize pool, and step challenges are less intense total than a weight reduction instruct.
  • Team Challenges. Compete in teams of 5 to take $10,000 in prize money. The teams with the largest-percentage weight reduction take a fragment of a prize pool, with a high prize of $10,000. Team challenges in most cases price $100 per individual to enter and final three months. Have to you weigh-in again after six months and defend your weight reduction, your entry fee is reimbursed.
  • Jackpot Challenges. Compete as an particular individual or as fragment of a team in a jackpot weight reduction instruct. If your team achieves a 6% weight reduction sensible, you take an equal fragment of the prize pool. Entry prices vary between challenges and most challenges final three months.

Have to it is possible you’ll well seize to drop a pair of kilos instant, shorter challenges fancy jackpot and team challenges are most bright, especially because your entry fee is mostly less costly than the bet for a protracted-length of time weight reduction instruct. Have to it is possible you’ll well fancy motivation to come by your steps in, the step instruct is a most bright possibility.

At final, it is possible you’ll well enhance your earnings by becoming a member of more than one challenges concurrently. For instance, it is possible you’ll well join a non-public and team-basically basically based weight reduction instruct, or add a step instruct to the mix. This makes it easy to double up for your efforts and maximize winnings.

Noble Rivals Strategies

Shedding kilos is healthy, supplied you would even non-public got extra weight to lose and aren’t relying on a fad weight reduction program that isn’t sustainable.

Fortunately, HealthyWage takes the premise of healthy versus unhealthy weight reduction severely. There are several principles and incentives in place to make certain that weight reduction is ceaselessly proper, including:

  • The Yo-Yo Rule. Have to you’re a outdated HealthyWage winner, or no longer it is a must to open future HealthyWage challenges at or underneath the closing weight out of your final instruct. This most efficient applies as soon as you’ve gained $200 or more from a single instruct. Nonetheless, this rule prevents potentially unhealthy weight fluctuations or deliberately gaining weight to take future challenges more without problems.
  • Being pregnant. You would’t raise half in HealthyWage as soon as you’re pregnant. Moreover, as soon as you change into pregnant at some level of a instruct, you would even non-public got 60 days to put up proof of being pregnant from a doctor or hospital. HealthyWage then pauses your instruct, and it is possible you’ll well resume or restart your instruct in due direction as soon as you procure clearance from a doctor.
  • Unhealthy Practices. HealthyWage states it is possible you’ll well’t use unhealthy tricks to game the system. Examples of tricks consist of intentional weight originate sooner than a instruct starts, starvation, water deprivation, or something your doctor wouldn’t counsel. Granted, that is sophisticated to price thru video weigh-ins, and it’s up to HealthyWage to uncover if participants are potentially risking their successfully being to trick the system.

HealthyWage also incentivizes participants to defend their weight reduction, and for this reason many challenges repay your entry fee as soon as you defend the burden off for no no longer up to six months.


There are several benefits to taking on a HealthyWage instruct besides bettering your total successfully being:

  1. Incomes Attainable. HealthyWage has $10,000 prizes for team challenges, and particular individual weight reduction challenges might maybe well well even be somewhat lucrative. So long as you’re hooked in to your operate and place a pragmatic target, there’s no rationalization why HealthyWage can’t enhance your bank account while motivating you to alter into more healthy.
  2. Extra Beef up. Monetary incentives aren’t essentially the most bright device HealthyWage motivates you. For instance, it is possible you’ll well invite lifelines to your HealthyWage account to provide extra encouragement alongside the vogue. Lifelines can peek your weight reduction growth, and it is possible you’ll well invite chums and household to enhance you at some level of your instruct. HealthyWage’s web place also has a dialogue board and coaches that provide a wealth of files to permit you to in cutting again weight.
  3. Availability. HealthyWage is straight away accessible within the U.K., U.S., Canada, European Union, Mexico, Latin The US, Australia, and most of Asia.
  4. Divulge Range. Having the preference between step challenges and weight reduction challenges device HealthyWage has an possibility for every participant.
  5. Motivational. Have to you fight to drop a pair of kilos and defend your growth, including financial incentives to the equation might maybe well well even be a game-changer. This reinforcement model doesn’t ceaselessly work, but as soon as it is possible you’ll well fancy an additional incentive to keep on alongside with your thunder thought and delight in healthily, this approach is price attempting.
  6. Corporate Partners. HealthyWage encourages company partnerships to let employees join a HealthyWage instruct without cost of fee. Have to it is possible you’ll well seize to enroll in a team instruct alongside with your co-employees, defend in tips presenting the premise to your employer, especially in case your firm already promotes healthy place of enterprise initiatives.


HealthyWage opinions are in most cases definite, and there’s a plethora of participant testimonials and nationwide media coverage that enhance HealthyWage’s mission. Nonetheless, there are aloof several disadvantages to defend in tips sooner than inserting a huge gamble:

  1. Possibility. HealthyWage doesn’t give refunds, and unless there’s a medical emergency or being pregnant, you lose your money as soon as you don’t meet your instruct. Have to you’re residing paycheck to paycheck, this platform isn’t a proper financial pass.
  2. Restricted Earnings for Healthy Participants. HealthyWage’s step instruct helps you to get money for being more exciting. Nonetheless, the excessive prizes approach from weight reduction challenges. Have to you don’t need to lose no no longer up to 10% of your weight or are already at a healthy BMI, these challenges aren’t an possibility.
  3. Attainable Band-Lend a hand Solution. HealthyWage makes an effort to lend a hand participants defend their weight reduction. Nonetheless, the responsibility is yours at the discontinue of the day, and HealthyWage is good a motivational arrangement. Have to you don’t develop long-length of time each day life adjustments fancy following a nutritious weight reduction program, specializing in fragment adjust, and most ceaselessly exercising, HealthyWage is good a non everlasting repair.

Final Observe

Have to you to suppose to drop a pair of kilos, it will most likely also aloof ceaselessly be for the factual causes, no longer because you’re following a weight reduction program vogue. Apart from, being exciting is a basis for residing a healthy and comfortable lifestyles. Within the demolish, striking ahead a healthy BMI is one in all essentially the most bright ways to lower the possibility of numerous diseases and toughen high quality of lifestyles.

Nonetheless, as soon as you fight with staying motivated to thunder, companies fancy HealthyWage might maybe well well lend a hand defend you heading within the righteous route. You shouldn’t use HealthyWage as soon as you reside paycheck to paycheck or aren’t assured for your skill to reach your operate on time. Have to it is possible you’ll well seize to develop your earnings to pay off debt or merely get a reward for your efforts, HealthyWage is price pondering.

So long as financial incentives work for your personality and you place aside within the anguish, there’s no rationalization why your weight reduction droop can’t get some more cash as successfully.

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