I Predict the Future in Planadvisor

December 23, 2016
Posted By Stephen D. Rosenberg

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I Predict the Future in Planadvisor

I, and a stable of different ERISA Nostradamus[es], clarify to predict the way forward for ERISA litigation – by observing abet on the previous 300 and sixty 5 days – on this new article in Planadvisor, titled “Interrogate Extra Various ERISA Litigation in 2017.” I’m quoted within the article on the development line of stock tumble litigation, however moreover level out extra in general that “the 300 and sixty 5 days 2016 noticed an rising panoply of theories for attacking funding options and different points of the administration of 401(ample) plans, and extra of the identical may presumably moreover moreover be anticipated going ahead.” The article is fee a be taught, particularly if, care for me, you could presumably moreover want to fill the aloof hours of the ultimate day ahead of the holiday week.

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